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  • Atlas-Dinky 943 LeyLand Octopus-Esso

    Atlas-Dinky 943 LeyLand Octopus-Esso

    CAD50.00 CAD56.50 (inc. VAT)

    Please note this model is as produced by Editions Atlas, Mattel Ltd. trade mark owner of the Name Dinky Toys. We may only have one item instock at anytime. Please be aware of the inventory listing as stated. You may only order this model if we have stock, not a volume item. Refunding money will incure charges back to you & us as the vendor, PayPal our present financial services provider.
    We offer the same service via e-transfer for our Canadian Customers & Not available outside of Canada!  
    This item is shipped via Canada Post, tracked and guaranteed against loss or damage.
    Canada Post:  120 day wait period of proof of loss/damage before payment is made. Policy : We will payout to you the full cost of item, shipping charges & taxes upon evidence of loss or damage.
    Evidence for damages MUST be provided via a picture(s) of said damage!